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Auto Keys - Fobs - Remotes

FAQ - (Frequently Asked Questions)  Helping you become an informed consumer.


Discount on site, no need for submit for reimbursement.

AAA members are welcomed to call us directly. We are happy to assist with setting up your locksmith order. AAA covers when the customer does not have any keys to start the car. (Spare keys are not a covered service.)

If you call the 1-800-222-4357, press option 4 for locksmith service

Q: I purchased a replacement key part online and now I need it cut and/or programmed?

A: We offer complete automotive locksmith service that include key cutting and remote programming. We have the latest technology in key cutting machines and software. We know that Amazon & Ebay are popular marketplaces to purchase transponder auto keys,smart keys, fobs, and remotes. Give us a call, our friendly staff look forward to answering your questions for the exact product you have.

Q: I have lost car my keys and the key has a chip can you help? 


A: We can program chip keys & have the latest laser/sidewinder key machines just like the dealership. We offer an affordable automotive locksmith service that is mobile.

Q: Can you provide replacement car keys to avoid being stranded? 


A: Yes, we carry quality key products compatible to the vehicle mfg. to replace those keys that are lost, we can also place special orders. 


Q: Do you have weekend appointments?


A: Yes we have weekend appointments for mobile service as well as in shop, it is best to call ahead to schedule an appointment a we can book up.  

locksmith ford keys


We have the Ford product covered from the transponder key to the new high security with transponder and the push to start, we can cut & program the key to start the vehicle. For most emergency situations we can get around having to program two keys into the system, saving you money.

locksmith honda keys


Honda has the transponder key, high security transponder with and without remote, and push to start, we can cut and program those too. Lost keys are divorced from the system one the locksmith begins the programming process. So you have peace of mind that the lost keys will not start your car.

toyota key replacement
Toyota, Prius, Scion, Lexus
Toyota computerized key in the ignition or push to start ?  We offer affordable programming for all Prius fobs & keys. Toyota has an anti-theft system integrated into the key and remotes, lost keys are omitted from the system when we program the new keys and remotes.
locksmith dodge key replacement

Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep

Fobik, Grey key, of Black key? 
"Yes, we can do these too." 

hyundai key replacement
Hyundai, Kia

We welcome the new kid on the block. Hyundai & Kia are doing some fancy things with keys but we are in the know. Keys in the ignition, High Security, Push to Start/Proximity.  Most require software to program and the machine we have to cut the keys.

nissan key fobs
Nissan, Infinity
Key in the ignition or Proximity (push to start), we have the cutting & programming available for this product line. When we program the new keys or remote to the system these are the only units that will start the vehicle.
locksmith mazda key replacement


Yes, they have computerized keys too, and we can cut and program those as well.

locksmith audi key replacement

VW, Audi

we would not leave you out, the key design is special. If  you heard that we can't do it. Not true. We can. High Security with computer chip or full flip out remote.

gm key programming


From the classics to the present we know exactly and every key product line, we can cut & program the latest remotes & keys.

emergency locksmith
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