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Residential Locksmith Service

Your home is your castle, sanctuary, and your oasis. Home security starts with your locks.  We offer a variety of residential locksmith services, re keying your existing locks, removing old hardware, installing new hardware, and repairing locks that are failing.  How about that mailbox lock? Have you lost the key and need a new one? Don't wait for the mailman or the post office, we can replace mailbox locks. We have a menu of options for your residential needs. Or maybe you have a unique situation that needs expert locksmith advice. We know that our North County neighbors like to do things themselves, you are independent, we have solutions that will save you money. 

locked out of house

House Lockout

AAA Premier have a home lockout once a year for their primary residence.

new lock installation

New Lock Installation

Installation of new hardware

We can template new holes  for fresh drill of  new doors.

lock change

Lock Change/Repair

Q. I want to keep the same hardware and change the key. Can you help? 

A. Yes, we can change the tumblers and make a new key, keeping the same hardware.

make new master key

Rekey/ Master Key

Bring in your lock hardware Kwikset, Schlage, Defiant, Weslock, Baldwin, to be re-keyed in shop while you wait.

copy keys

Duplicate Keys

Copied & Cut Accurately

locksmith mailbox lock

Mailbox Lock Replacement

Community mailbox lock replacement service, includes two keys.

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